Blue Mini USB Portable Fan

Blue Mini USB Portable Fan


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Name: Blue Mini USB Portable Fan

Product size: 145 * 80 *



Hf9a41fa8e79f4ae3b1cc5382a1f7e53co - Portable Fan

Mini Flexible Bendable USB Fan for Power Bank Laptop PC Notebook Computer AC Charger
1. It is made of high-quality soft rubber material, and the angle can be adjusted. If your finger touch the blade accidentally, it will not be scratched, and the safety is guaranteed.
2. Mini and compact, you can take it with you. You can use it at any time with a phone AC charger, laptop, or power bank.
3. High-quality motor and low noise mute effect during the rotation, as if a natural breeze is coming.

Product material: environmental protection plastic (TPE)
Color: White, Black, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue
Product size: 145 * 80 * 15mm/5.71*3.15*0.59″
Application: power bank, notebook computer, desktop computer, USB power strip, USB humidifier, phone AC charger, etc.

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.



Hac7d654acede4f3b9e0d4fe5ac6d4dc2o - Portable Fan

Hd8186610064640b28824c85f35907478k - Portable Fan

H9b0f3e437c844d5bb1aceb51fe5d8472K - Portable Fan

H75ba5ee59e5e424c84abe9902bd475179 - Portable Fan

Hc10c0fb4f495423c9a7fe4798364f0caH - Portable Fan

Hb1b93344fa794c1db13e85bed02aa098N - Portable Fan

He99da66fbdb34d75b359e3e3e8b1dc39N - Portable Fan

H4fccc76452f3422e9d69a9cf8e615b67m - Portable Fan

Hb3b36815f7c24e5996524f4cf08a7c382 - Portable Fan

Hc175cd5f01414e4f8ec43748fd2ce528J - Portable Fan

He56426d69c594446a5daa61d86a2032aq - Portable Fan

Hb243ee8b53904fe0943380fb7c6eff54l - Portable Fan

Hf5a5a8643a0c4711b6bf3e69b97830b5v - Portable Fan

H67ca821abdfa4106bd98aef2ae99e057X - Portable Fan

H380a31220a954722b7f24e1e725fb4bfu - Portable Fan

H8c895ff08c6240bea855e0026727e0eem - Portable Fan

Hd1683f060b3f40058c93ddf662ffcc18j - Portable Fan

H5bf9254aca5a40d389a69091928e6420P - Portable Fan



Hab24a0de598f42b58c09542f8a052478C - Portable Fan


Hb34e5852865b42828ae443352b628385W - Portable Fan H96c401c8b48b48bb9660c6dcfb9312efD - Portable Fan Ha18f3b9990ca4be9a05ecabb5244157ao - Portable Fan Hd6cbfbf0436248d2abd780093c21df840 - Portable Fan Hc0251a7e823d477ea03651f91a671721Q - Portable Fan H907aba01a6f043589ea7cfad756fe11aq - Portable Fan H3b7049ca64904c3ab4d90d7f595349efp - Portable Fan Hacd07821ad734c71978796b25b2b70d6W - Portable Fan Hd18ad19066854f19961a96c5f2bfdbaaD - Portable Fan Ha5f3e617f4cf42dba60074ac2af85af0J - Portable Fan Haad2b999939b4e21adad63f041d5e9ecn - Portable Fan H85e88b864bfe457289d93664b7f66e37q - Portable Fan H9137579a505c4873bda8a5609c55d989A - Portable Fan Hcd8389b794a1421fab7c1014a2d2f85b4 - Portable Fan Ha4aacbcb04ec4b8aafa7ab34b431e6d14 - Portable Fan




Creative Mini Portable Micro Fan Mobile Phone Mini Fan Charging Treasure Fan USB Gadget Fans Tester For Type-C


Product Description:
100% brand new and high quality
Multi colors can be choosed
Motor revolutions 16000 turn
Motor can work continuously100+ hours
TPE environmental protection material
No battery, Just USB Power Supply
Unique bendable design, Also has light weight
Strong Wind, Low Noise and Energy Saving
Long working time with low power consumption

Material: Plastic/Silicone
Size: Approx 94.5 x 3 x 0.4 inches
Net Weight: about 20g
Voltage: 5V


H054002c5be0a4819aa4774b61eda8682u - Portable Fan

Hae586feb8cc5455095584edadccce327W - Portable Fan

H2d32a5ceee6c4e7d9ab08b8e7ee638977 - Portable Fan

H465ec553ac2a4c51b646d104d48a96be5 - Portable Fan

He0c8ec97a60640e7ba66accfb1a45804q - Portable FanH0500372dfa4842039580c6a879c9f9b1g - Portable FanH3122bdae10984d40873d5f0424ebc9c6I - Portable FanH951633faf0fe463fa656b99d7d36f7186 - Portable FanHef7f19f05ca5488ba1fb1d5fb54c0613C - Portable FanH9c0cd25602e64376a1aa49b611322bf0I - Portable FanH8a0f32751afd4891b90a6fa8d5382fa5k - Portable FanH0fb4fe3fa2744f64b5b0abbb8339775bC - Portable FanH374c9da088c1433abfa86ec3184d2fc00 - Portable FanHaff9aefc5ac84e9db26907b4b1d633e5a - Portable Fan- Portable FanH7b2e0e10b65b41e1a91738c67a68a0c7k - Portable FanHfa3c4917c59149d1883f83bfc4e6cd13a - Portable Fan

H5d1a7722b1094617bb442a209eebdb5aZ - Portable Fan







Additional information


USB Black, USB Blue, USB Green, USB Orange, USB Pink, USB White

5 reviews for Blue Mini USB Portable Fan

    July 30, 2022
    Great stuff. Came in 3 weeks. Quality is super
    June 5, 2022
    Very good portable fan product, got everything right 
    May 30, 2022
    Very good portable fan product, got everything right 
    May 21, 2022
    Excellent quality and very good
    May 15, 2022
    Arrived early! Material very good. Thank you! Will buy more
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